Sculptfun s30 pro max + Puzzle

Hi! I’m new here.

I’m testing out a puzzle design made in Illustrator.

When I run the program it overlaps some lines and also does not complete some other.

I was thinking it was belt tension or frame issues but I already check this and have no luck so far.

Attached some pictures, any advice?

Also tested low speed and high speed the same result.

Also turn off the optimization path without success.

Also did the x and y calibration.

Please open the Preview window in LightBurn and see if the output from the engraver matches what was produced.

I am interested in knowing what went wrong.

Are you willing to share the .lbrn or .lbrn2 project file?

How did you import the Puzzle Design from Illustrator?

Take a look at the SVG

I do have a illustrator file, but I have imported the SVG and the .AI and both of them produces the same output.

puzzle-forum.lbrn2 (139.6 KB)

Thanks for any advice.

I use .ai format. I have had better results moving vectors to different software using illustrator format. Lightburn will gladly accept .ai files.

your file just looks incomplete… perhaps tracing the vectors again or checking in illustrator if the file is indeed completed. One note to take into account is lightburn really prefers closed vectors. Any machine will ask you to provide start and end point in order to follow along.

I am guessing your laser is fine… did lightburn give you a message when importing the file “duplicate or multiple overlapping or open vectors (something something) have been ignored”?

No it did not give me any messages when I add the file on LB it just import normally as any other files.

I’ve cropped the original file just to focus on the bottom part and see if it gets better reducing shapes, but is the same, that’s why I looks cropped.

I did another couple of test on the laser, testing some other figures and shapes to see if something can be wrong out there.

And it seems when I add wave shapes it stars to lose precision is this normal?

On the right is the shape without waves, on the left I’ve added some waves to the the result (I’ve printed on top of something else to reuse material you can ignore the background).

You can see at the top and the bottom of the waves it moves down the circle, also in both tests the vertices of the square are not ok, but as I’m new into laser I don’t know if this kind of Hobby machine are not as precise as professional ones.

Thanks for your advice

I can not tell from the picture provided if the square test pattern is square to the edge of the material.

I recommend using a small Carpenters Square or a square piece of glass to generate coordinates and measurements that are based on each square. Glass from a cheap picture frame is usually good enough to get an understanding of what’s being looked at and for drawing comparisons.

When a square is not-square it can be caused by the Gantry, if it is installed at an odd angle. You will be able to see this most easily after the engraver is homed.

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