Sealing finished projects and over burn

So more beginner’s questions . . . Made some box signs with engraving on a faux barn wood particle board material from menards. After engraving the over burn and yellowing is pretty significant (speed 100/power 40) cleans off easily with a magic eraser. I am concerned once people get them and if they trying wiping with a wet or damp cloth all the brown in the letters will run. Not sure if this eventually dries out and won’t run as I have only messed with clean up right after. Any recommendations? I could spray the piece with a poly acrylic sealer, but I don’t think it would adhere well or last on the fake surface and anything like polyurethane would cause permanent yellowing of the white barn wood appearance. Thinking now I will only use real lumber for projects.

2nd question . . . If I want to engrave on natural hickory for cutting boards what do you seal them with to be food safe but still have the blackened letters?

Thanks so much to everyone that has answered all my dumb questions up to this point lol— I am on week 3 I guess of messing with our new 60 watt laser. Everyone’s help in the forum has been a tremendous help!!!

For your first questions XORUST which is a rustolium product makes a clear spray finish that does not yellow and can be used for inside or outside use. For the cutting boards use only a food safe product like cutting board oil.

Any recommendations on what particular type of food safe oil? I guess a person would have to repeat oiling periodically as it is washed? Does that seal the blackened engraved design so it doesn’t fade?

It will seal it all and yes will need to be done every so often. I use mineral oil on my cutting boards works as good as cutting board oil and is much cheaper.

Use transfer tape (R12) over the project. Not for food grade. After engraving, spray with Laser Dark for darker pattern, then spray with clear mat finish. Let it dry a few minutes and remove tape.
Or, laser engrave (without transfer tape), spray with Laser Dark, sand excess spray off. I do not have any association with Laser Dark and it is expensive but it works better than anything else I have tried. I have tried a lot of different paints, primers, shoe polish, etc.

Yes, mineral oil for food safe products and for a natural darker color on other woods. Just play a little.

1x4 with R12 transfer tape applied before engraving.

Same 1x4 painted and tape removed.

Another project using R12 transfer tape, painted with Laser Dark, remove tape.

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