Second command for airassit

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I have a question about the air assistant.
Is it possible to implant a second command, for example M10?
The reason is, I want to work with engraving with a pressure of 0.5bar and with cutting with 1.5bar.
The whole should be switched via a pneumatic electrical valve on the mks sbase v1.3 board. The choice between M7 and M8 from the device settings also as an alternative to the cutting data …

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It’s not possible at this time. I’ve seen this done by having the “off” position be engraving pressure, and the “on” position be cutting pressure - basically have two regulators on two parallel lines, and a solenoid on only the 2nd line (with higher pressure).

+1 here who would like to have a second “switch” as well.
Does Lightburn uses both commands M7 and M8? I just saw a switch in the settings where you can choose either M7 or M8 for AirAssist. Could it be done, that LB can use both commands simultaneous (like M7 for flood and M8 for AirAssist) and add another swith to the layers where one can choose what to switch on?


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It would be enough if M7 and M8 could use both commands in parallel and then choose engrave in layer m7 and select m8 when cutting.

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Hello everybody,

That sounds like a good idea, just choose in the layers at Airassist on whether M7 or M8.

Specify 2 options:

[on / off] AirAssist [ ] M7 [ ] M8

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That would work, but the default build of GRBL has M7 disabled and will generate an error if the command is used. Does your build have M7 enabled?

Yes M7 is enable in my gbrl build.

Mine too, as well M7 and also M8 works as they should. M9 is used for switching off both.

I have enabled M7 in my build of grbl-LPC.

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