Second Computer Setup

I have a Windows 10 laptop that I am going to install Lightburn on to actually run my brand new Atomstack A5 laser on. Since the laser is going to be attached to that laptop by USB, I understand the software should be able to recognize it.

I also want to install the software on a Windows 10 desktop PC, since it is much more powerful and has a much larger screen for doing graphics work on. But since it is in my office, it will never actually be attached to the laser.

Once I get Lightburn installed on my laptop, is there a file somewhere in the program that will have the setup for the laser saved in it, that I can just copy that file over to my desktop so that it will then have the setup defaults for that laser?

Otherwise, what is the easiest way to get the laser set up on my PC (since I can’t physically attach that computer to the laser)?


You don’t have to “find” the laser in order to configure the software to use it. It will “warn” you that there’s no laser connected or that it can’t find the laser, but will continue to allow use of all the features of the program.

I’m not sure about a configuration file you can copy, but it’s not particularly difficult to manually add a non-connected device.

Additionally, if you have to option to connect your laser to a network, you’ll have a more reliable connection and your second computer can communicate to it if desired. I installed a wireless network extender that has a wired port in the room of the laser.

After you get everything set up on your laptop, and configured as you want it, do a File/Open Prefs Folder. In this folder, you will find a file called prefs.ini. This is the main configuration file for LightBurn. You can copy this file to a USB drive. Then, you can install LightBurn on your desktop machine. Do a File/Open Prefs Folder. Then, CLOSE LIGHTBURN. This is an important stop. Copy the file to the open folder and overwrite any prefs.ini file that may be there. Re-Open LightBurn, and you will have the exact same configuration on your two machines.

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