Second Layer Wrong Location

I’m trying to make these coasters but for some reason the cut layer doesn’t go to the right spot. I made four sets of these with no real problem (except for my laser not cutting through). Once I started the fifth set it went downhill. I’ve updated my software and nothing, still wrong location on the material. I’ve wasted three sheets (12x24) of plywood and don’t intend to waste anymore. Can’t be acceleration because I tried doing it one cut at a time and starts out in the wrong location. Please help!!

It starts on the right, gets worse the further left it goes and then somehow gets 99% back on track.

This one started out wrong from the beginning too. I stopped it, restarted everything, including the laser. Deleted the cut lines I didn’t need then rechecked alignment and it was perfect… Then as it got further to the left, you guessed it.

This looks like there is some slop in the mechanical parts, like a belt is loose or something is binding up. I would check those first. It might also be skipped steps but is looks to be pretty steady in the amount of error.

No binding on the carrier. It couldn’t have been due to a missed step as I restarted my computer, the machine, everything before starting. Board never moved and a frame check of just the cut layers showed it to be proper, then once it started it was off. I stopped it, deleted the two cut layers on the far right and tried again. Again restarting everything in between. It was better for the top right Don’t mess with Texas, then off on the bottom right. Cut settings are 5mm/s, 55% power, slow. Then on point for the next four cuts before going off again. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

Hmm odd, I would’ve thought it mechanical as it seems fine in the middle, but off at the sides. Kinda like a belt has slack in it or not enough current to the stepper motors. What speeds were you running at, and whats your travel speed between objects?

The file settings are Fill-200mm/s Line 5mm/s. Here are the machine settings which I will lower, but again it was off from the get go.

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