Second pass doesn't line up with the first

Hi, I’m new posting here but have gotten must help reading posts so thanks for that. My problem is that if I try to do a second pass with my engraver, it is off by maybe 5 mm. I am using an Ortur Laser Master 2 with Lightburn on a Mac. Is this a software or hardware issue?

I think your topic is “moving”. Do a little test with small shapes and try at a relatively slow speed, I have at least not experienced that LightBurn does not use the same coordinates to start from for another round.
Do you only have one layer?

We would need more info, but most likely it would be a hardware issue. If a belt skipped a tooth that would lead to a 4mm offset.
Are you using absolute or relative ordinates?
what type of burn are you doing? (lines or fills)
Are your belts tight?
What speeds are you running at?
Can you post a picture of the burn and original file so we can look for missed steps?
Does it do the same thing every time?

The more info you can provide the better we can help.

It does not always happen. I burned an outline of a letter 4 passes at 1200mm/m then I went back and started a fill burn at 1800mm/m and it was lower and to the right of the outline. But at this point I believe my controller is bad as the laser stops moving and looks like it went to 100% and just burned a hole until it auto shut off. Nothing but problems with this machine and no customer support