Second pass not lining up

Looking for a little help please. I made one pass but it didn’t cut all the way through (200spd/100pwr) 2mm balsa wood), I didn’t touch my project piece at all but when I sent for a second pass (100spd/100pwr) it didn’t line up with what was already done.


Which machine are you using? I used to have that problem on my k40 but noticed it was because after it was done it wasn’t homing back to the same spot. My “fix” was if it didn’t cut out the first time, I would turn the machine off, slide the carriage to the corner home position, and then turn machine back on. it would initiate the homing sequence at start up and put it back to the original zero location - making it so my second pass would be the same again.

I’m using a genmitsu LE5040. It seems to be going back to the origin every time. I just noticed that it seems each cut is not lining up

My search found this common response. :slight_smile:

Something else I noticed is that the second pass focus appears to be out.

The first looks sharp :slightly_smiling_face:

The second not, so looks like something is moving when it shouldn’t :crazy_face:

Just curious how you can tell that the focus is out? I have a fixed focus laser (i think that’s what its called) Where I just set the height of the laser for each project. Would the focus be off if the wood I was using was slightly warped? I was just using cheap craft wood.

Hi I judged the focus on the presumption that the workpiece was at the same distance from the laser when the burned the balloon and cloud in your second picture, and then the much thicker darker part balloon bin the same picture.

The thinner line being more normal when the beam is in focus and the thicker when not, either too great or too small a distance :roll_eyes:

The focus can change a lottttt by warping on the wood, so maybe try the flattest piece you have , or, a solid flat surface and card as yout test piece :sunglasses:

Hope this helps and please send pictures of the results