Section off part of circle

I would like attach a portion of a circle to weld to an ornment to form a place to string a ribbon through it. Picture attached is crude, but I hope it illustrates what I am trying to describe. Does anyone know how to do this?WIN_20210926_11_32_00_Pro

  • Create a circle. To this circle, create an offset. You now have two concentric circles (looking like a donut)

  • Group these two circles

  • Position this group of circles on the ornament top where and how you’d like the spacing to be (in your drawing it resembles the top middle of a heart)

  • Verify the ornament outline is not grouped with any other shape

  • Select the ornament outline and the group of circles together

  • Apply the Boolean to weld or combine

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thank you, I knew this was doable.

No problem. Here is a demonstration:

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