Seeking a free training version that doesn't require licensure

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I run a makerspace in Chattanooga and I have trained over 30 people to use lightburn. I’m limited to 4 at a time because we only have 4 of the discounted versions. These versions don’t talk with our lasercutter, they’re for training only, in an entirely different room than our cutter.

We have an agreement with the LB administrators to be able to let our makerspace members buy their own license for $30 with the agreement they just use on our lasercutter. This is a mere convenience to the members to use on their laptops, as we have a machine that has a regular license on it.

It would be nice to be able to train more than 4 people without having to spend $120 on 4 more licenses, even though it’s a hell of a deal, because the simple fact of the matter is, that every time we do a workshop, I have to re-enter all the licenses because our hardware goes through a weekly refresh to wipe out whatever other software members install. Changing this policy is not an option, please don’t ask. We allow people to install software, but reset it to a baseline each week, and the common image doesn’t work with the licenses. And according to the license portal, this may eventually stop working as there is a limited number of times you can cancel/re-install these licenses.

I have submitted a request to offer a hobbled DSP version that is just “experience-only”, with no cutting or saving a file. It was (mistakingly) rejected as a duplicate with someone else that wants to be able to use the drawing tool and save. We don’t need that, in fact we prefer Inkscape or Illustrator as part of our training.

Some may ask what use would this be for training, but I assure you, I get 2 hours of instruction in while talking about layers, libraries, tips/tricks, estimation and the like. The last part of the training we go over to a regular license at the cutter to finish.

My enhancement submittal is here, and if you too would like this I’d ask that you upvote it: Training only version · LightBurn

I’ve heard one option is proxy, but I’ve heard the company prefers not to do that.

I’m sure this post isn’t directed at LB users but I think it’s great that your doing this in your community. My makers space is in my basement, but the closest actual makers space is miles away In Baltimore. I would think equipment manufacturers and software companies would fully support this. What better way to support a product than to train on it?

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