Seeking comments about the A5 Pro

I’ll keep this short, the Atomstack A5 Pro (40W) is on my short list of three or four laser engravers that I’m thinking of purchasing. I would appreciate any comments you may have about how your machines are working out for you.

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I am losing my mind apparently. I could swear there was a thread asking the same thing. I would list each model you are thinking of and why are you thinking of each model. I see you have a few threads for different models and questions.

I have the A5 pro and I wouldn’t recommend it. The head wobbles due to poor design/materials so you have to be very slow even for some larger projects. Side to side is fine but anything else can wobble. There aren’t really any ways to adjust other than belt tension. For a little more you can get a Jtech, NEJE or Ortur. At least Ortur hangs out and provides support on this forum.

I can cut 5 mm ply in 10 passes with air assist, but it’s pretty burned. The controller can only be written to a number of times. If you write to it, it resets on power off. There is no homing or factory ability to add on a roller. I would purchase something else if I had a second chance.

There was one but they removed my post. So no, you are not losing your mind. I guess someone ask for it to be removed. I’m just looking for advice from people who have the machines I’m looking at buying.

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I bought an Atomstack A5 Pro from Banggood. It worked for about a minute and then would not even cut paper. It took 6 weeks and a lot of work to get a replacement. You can see my youTube videos here:


Hope this helps.

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I have to go with the others recommending Ortur or NEJE. Both are innovators in this field while the others seem to be poor followers. I lean toward NEJE only because they seem to invest in developing the laser module while Ortur might have better electronics and mechanics, the laser module is the key, IMO.

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They provide a wrench for adjusting the tension of the guide wheels on the rail. The bottom wheel needs to be tightened so that axis doesn’t floppy-floppy everywhere. It’s super loose out of the box.

Ugh. Mine worked for a few hours on day 1, now it sucks on day 3. This is not reassuring.

Yeah, but whoever assembled mine didn’t use concentric bolts so it’s sloppier than it should be. I drilled it out a bit, bonded a shim to the bolt and tightened it that way.