Seems to be an update problem

Hello guys its been a few weeks since being on the forum, just updated on the latest release, which was fine but then you have done a patch update or something, which sent everything into space, video attached, right here

The only thing LightBurn has to do with homing is sending the command. If your laser is not homing, it will likely show an error or something in the console.

It’s probably because this wire isn’t connected:

If you go to 1:10 in the video to about 1:14, you can see it wobbling and catching on the cable chain.


Ohhh @LightBurn your so observant, i could not see the wood for the tree’s, checked at 4am this morning and you are totally correct, loose wire once again you guys save my day.
Cheers Brian

I have faced the same problem after updating. Did you find any solution?, the latest patch that were used was not that good. It was buggy and failed to keep up so many files of people.

Yeah it was my own fault on machine buddy.

We have no idea what you mean when you say you have the same problem. Are you saying you also have a “loose wire” as reported by the OP?

If you have a different issue, please create a new post and we can help sort there.

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