Select same colour / color - Lock layers

Hi All, I am hoping this is not a stupid question but is there a way to select the same layer colour in one go?

Also, any way to lock a layer as yet?

Thank you in advance for any responses.

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“Select the same layer color” - I assume you mean select all the shapes on a layer? Yes - Hold the Shift key and click the layer. (You can also right-click to flash everything on a layer)

There isn’t a way to lock layers yet, but the code has actually been started.

Hi Thanks for the reply. good news about the locking the layers.

As for selection the colour, ill try and elaborate more.

If i have 3 different colours and i want to select all items in green is this possible?

Shift-Click the green layer entry in the cut list.

Perfect! Worked a treat. Thank you.

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