Select same size objects

Hi !
I have downloaded a doll house svg free file, and I would like to adjust it to the thickness of my wood. so the small “openings” must be 3mm thick. To do that I have to select all the object with a .58 mm thick and enlarge them to 3mm
Is there a magic way to do that.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Using today’s conventional technology, rather than relying on undependable magic, consider to select the openings in question.

You’ll want to have these openings aligned orthographically (north/south or east/west). With all the items selected, use the toolbar to click on the appropriate action desired, which can be “make the selected items the same width” or “make the selected items the same height.”

Note that the last selected item becomes the reference for the aspect of same-ness and that a locked aspect ratio is ignored in this feature.

If you are not selecting orthographically oriented objects, you will get distortion, pretty much destroying your objective.

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