Select starting point not working with imported DXF

I imported a DXF and autojoined the line to create paths. The program runs all of my fill and cut areas great, but the starting point for the cuts is in a terrible location that leaves an obvious tick mark in the material.

When I try to use the “select starting point” tool, the profile highlights (single profile not a group) but no nodes are showing to select as new starting points. When I use the same command on a Lightburn drawn profile, every node pops up and i can easily select a new one, but not on this imported file.

Is there some reason this imported DXF wont bring up nodes for selecting a starting point? They pop up in the node editor if i want to drag them around, just not on starting point.

If willing, please post a picture of what a selected shape from a DXF looks like in these different states, to help with clarity.

Would also be helpful to post the DXF and LightBurn file for our review. :slight_smile:

They are definitely closed. If i change the path to fill it engraves the whole shape. See pictures and file.

R7 - Test.lbrn (15.9 KB)

And the DXF file used? Thank you. :wink:

Its not allowing me to post .dxf. .lbrn and .jpg I can select but the upload option won’t allow me to select my dxf.

Can i email it to you?

Sure, or just append “.txt” to the file. That should work. If you email, please include a link to this post for context.

R7 11rd - Left Logo.DXF.txt (96.8 KB)

Not sure this worked but you can try. Whats your email and ill send it if it doesn’t work.

That worked! Thank you so much! i have never used that command.

For my own lightburn education, how can the shape be open, but the fill command still be working correctly?

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