Select Tool not working after upgrade . .

After a recent upgrade, when I try to select something, I get this “target circle” in the upper left. When it does that, I am not able to select ANYTHING by dragging. I’ve rebooted the program, and tried different key combinations, but I can’t make it stop doing that. (Did I already post this? I can’t remember and cannot find it in the forums.)

I’ve probably just done something inadvertently to turn that on, but I’m at a loss at the moment to make it go away so that I can select.

I just noticed that if I hold the CTRL key down while dragging the mouse, then I can select.

I can select things individually by hovering and clicking, but not by dragging.

What am I missing?

That is a “dead shape” - basically and empty shape or something that didn’t load properly. Sometimes it’s an image that was too large to load. If you get that, hit the ‘Delete’ key to delete it and things should go back to normal.

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