Selecting objects that are less than a certain x and y size


It would be very cool if Lightburn has the feature to highlight/select items that are smaller (or larger) than a specific x and y size. If you are trying to clean objects from a image trace and there are objects that are very tiny to delete this would be a very handy tool!

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There is a feature in the Trace tool that will eliminate small loops. Your suggestion seems to be Smaller than x or Smaller than y.

If you’re interested in a change to the existing tool or a new feature you’re welcome to sign up at the New-Feature suggestion site. Please search for and upvote your idea before posting. This helps focus the efforts toward developing additional tools. If your feature can’t be found there in a search, please post it there.

LightBurn has an ‘Ignore less than’ feature in the Trace tool which is a count of the blob of pixels that you might want to ignore. Roughly (Less than x multiplied by less than Y). Please test this to see if this meets your needs.

More can be found about the behaviour of the trace tool here:

Neat, never noticed that down there… I’ll make use of it now…

Any word on why the Linux .7z version comes up as 1.2.02 when it when the file I download is LightBurn-Linux64-v1.2.03.7z ?

Running Ubuntu…


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