Selecting shapes outside work area

When I open a project, and try to frame it, I get a “running this frame might exceed the bounds of your machine”.

If I then hit preview, it shows objects outside the workspace, usually containing QR codes.

As a workaround, I move that object outside the workspace, hit the preview again, and only shows objects inside the workspace, and works fine.

I have found the setting for “ignore out of bounds Shapes” and it is on, so I turned it off, then back on to see if that helps, and it doesn’t.

Ami the only one with this issue…

Are the QR codes part of your project?

You could put them on a different layer and turn that layer off in Cuts / Layers window off


use the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ in the Laser window - that’s what I do.

If it’s still bothering you feel free to upload your lbrn file for further comment.

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