Semi Evenly Spaced Horizontal Line Gaps in Grayscale Photo Engraving Project - Please Help!

I’ve attached a photo to show the main issue. Thanks so much in advance for all your help! :smiley:

If you look closely at each blank line (they shouldn’t be blank, did I mention that?), you might see the line below is darker than the rest. It appears as though its running the same line twice occasionally but at semi-evenly spaced intervals. The effect varies each time (sometimes less so than others) but something seems to happen at even intervals.

Thanks in advance for your help!!


PS. I am VERY new at this but I’m committed to learning everything I can so please feel free to be exhaustive with the details if you like. Until this post, I’ve been [attempting] troubleshooting myself with manufacturer “manuals” (oh, the manuals…) and the occasional google search. Admittedly though, I’ve mostly been changing different settings to see what happens and then changing them back if nothing comes of it. Thanks again for all your help!

PPS. If anyone is interested in helping me with the other issue, let me know. While trying to print a grid on my engraving table, I keep getting sagging horizontal lines (always more in the center) and the numbers at the bottom separate vertically (again, more intense towards the middle). I’ll update this post with a link to that one once I get it posted after this.

Whoops, can’t figure out how to edit the post. Here’s the link to the other issue topic I need help with. Thank you all again!

Hi Phillip,
I also have a SainSmart 3018. what’s the model number of your engraver and what size is your work area?

When you say you have horizontal sagging lines on your grid. Are they always lower Y values near the middle of the X axis? I might be looking for a binding or bowed component with a nice straight ruler. Got any pictures of the grid?

Does the laser head move or squirm while it’s engraving? i just bought an open frame Bachin D8-4050P and there’s a lot of flex in the head.

I had this issue and it was rectified by changing out the belt. I couldn’t even tell that the belt was worn by looking at it, but every time it hit those areas it would produce the empty lines. At very least try tightening the belt.

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