Send settings from Lightburn to Laser

Hello, we just got our new laser Omtech K50 | Turbo-5G3R.

Lightburn recognizes the laser and also sends the file to the laser. However, it does not send the settings with it, which means the speed of the laser configured in Lightburn is not taken over and must be set manually on the panel.

Our laser has the ruida kt332n
Is there a way to change this?

Thank you and best regards

Can you clarify?

Which settings?

How do you know this?

Many people use that controller, I don’t see this issue that I’m aware of…


well settings that we set in lightburn (speed and power). Then we send it to the controller but we have to set it new there. The controller doesnt get speed and power from lightburn. hope u understand it better. :slight_smile:

Can you send a screenshot of the artwork where we can see your basic layer settings…

Send it to the Laser and show us how you determine the numbers are not correct.

We would like to see how you are interpreting this problem.


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