Sending image on screen to printer w/correct dimensions

CO2 90wt laser with windows 10 computer. - How do I get the image on my Lightburn screen to printout with the same deminsions. Ex: if I have a 4" high x 6" wide rectangle on my light burn screen, I want to send it to the printer and have it print out with the exact dimensions.) I want to be able to cut out my designs and place it on the item I’m engraving for correct placement. I engrave a lot of oddly shaped items.

Are you trying to print them, or run them on a laser?

In general, the size of an item in LightBurn is the exact size it will run on the laser. If that’s not true for your machine, then the machine may need to be calibrated. The controller in your laser is responsible for converting values from LightBurn into movement - LightBurn will send “move 10mm left, 3mm down”.

I’m wanting to print the design out on my printer to cut out and place on top of the item I’m going to engrave. I want the use the cutout to help me with alignment.

If the image on screen is smaller than the page size of the printer, it will print at exact size. If it is larger than the page size of the printer, it will scale to fit.

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