Sent files just blank

Hi I recently got a 50w Chinese laser and upgraded lightburn but when I try to send a file to the laser it just comes up as a black box. I’ve tried multiple times but same result also takes around 5 minutes to send is that normal? I tried to run a job from lightburn but and it just burns a black box.
Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Please detail the type of image, computer operating system and version of Lightburn. That said, it sounds like you are sending an “image” file like a jarvis or stucki image file that is very large, and does display as a black box the little display at the laser.
Try a simple line box, send that to see what happens.

Run this and see if it is different.
test.lbrn2 (14.2 KB)

Yes you nailed it mate that’s exactly what’s going on, is it standard for lightburn to send the file to the laser even if your running straight from the program

If I understand “run straight from the program correctly” then yes. It’s trying to buffer the file and image at the same time. I believe pressing the send button is preferable with large bitmapped files than pressing the start button. Also, the Ruida controller must have a limit to the max file sze it can handle and how many files it has stored onboard.

That explains it, appreciate your time to share with me :+1:t3:

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