Separating an outer border help

Could anyone assist me in figuring out how to separate where this border continues? I need to be able to select the bottom from the top to get my engraving like I want. I tried drawing a line then the weld function but could never get that function to be able to select. Thanks

Here is the full project I’m working on. I am trying to keep from the header to engrave but nothing but the wording and not the entire rectangular header.

I’m not sure about the bottom/top reference when the image is horizontal, but my first guess/shot at it would be to go into node editing and break the nodes at the point you want to separate objects. Once you have the nodes broken off, you can then drag the ones you want joined until they snap, or otherwise modify them for your objective. If you still have problems, consider to post your lightburn file as an attachment. My brain cells aren’t running at full speed today, otherwise I’d have a more sophisticated solution.

Another note, occasionally the weld function glitches due to grouping/joining/separated objects. Once those are determined and resolved, the weld welds.

Thanks Fred. I ended up putting it in Inkscape and fixed it so problem solved.

I’m a big fan of Inkscape too, although lately, LightBurn has made so many new features work so easily, sometimes I’ll create an object in LightBurn first, then do the other stuff in Inkscape. One can’t convert LightBurn to OpenSCAD, for example, but one can take an exported SVG from LB to Inkscape to OpenSCAD.

Glad to hear you got it handled.

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