Seperate text and squares

Hi there all forum members.
If I want to have two things on same layer.
How do I fill the text but not the square

can you upload the .lbrn file? or some pictures?

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If I have understood you correctly, you’d like to have your text as a “fill” and a square as a “line” but on the same layer. You can not have both a “fill” and a “line” on the same layer. Layers is how we distinguish these operations, they will need to be separate layers. You can of course group items which might have the same outcome as you might be looking for with your layers?

If you can talk us through exactly what you are trying to do and what it will achieve its likely we can make some suggestions.

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Thx Dominic
You understand correctly
But how to make difference layer så I can do what I like to.
how do I do text filled and square with lines
(sorry about my poor spelling)

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You assign your text to one layer and your square to another. You can google “layers, lightburn” and that will tell you how, or, if you like, you can search on YouTube for those same two keywords and you will find a multitude of videos that explain how to work with layers. One of the easiest to understand is at 10 Tips and Tricks for New Laser owners that use LightBurn - YouTube

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thx Leo

i’ll look up those videos

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