Set laser position not working

I am setting up my jtech laser on my shapeoko xxl for the first time. I set everything properly and am able to control my cnc through lightburn. I made a quick doodle on the pad and am trying to get the laser to move to that location using the in program function, however when i do so my cnc goes straight back and continues to try and roll back even when it is at max distance. Can anyone offer some insight as to why?

Read here:

You’ll have to add a workspace offset, as documented in the ‘Shapeoko’ section (which I’m about to rename to include the XCarve too)

Awesome! That looks like it should solve the issue, however it brings up another question. Is there a way to identify the firmware version easily? And when it says you need firmware version 1.1F is it refering to the laser controller by jtech, or the cnc controller by carbide3d?

The version is referring to the CNC controller (actually the firmware running on it). When you connect LightBurn, you should see a message in the console like, “Grbl 1.1f [$ for help]”

Perfect, it is the correct one. However i do have one last question i was hoping you could answer. Is there a way to engage the laser at very low power so i can see the frame and make sure i have my work peice in the correct area for the laser work. I have utilized the frame button for it to trace the outline but without the laser showing it is hard to judge if im exactly where i need to be.

I think this is what your looking for.

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That did the trick, thanks so much humpty and oz, i appreciate your insight

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