Set origin or do i have another option?

Hi, i have a question, i have let say 2 squares to cut, one inside of the other one. The inside square is cut already and i can align the machine after the inside square, but when i want to cut the outside square i have to go to set the origin which i dont know which is. It is possible to set the origin on a corner on the inside square? I mean i want the inside to be the reference for cutting the outside. It is a part that moved and i dont want to waste it, i only need to cut the outside but i dont know where should be the origin on the outside square, i mean i can go by eye, but then will not be equal on all sides. My laser is Sculpfun s9 default, no upgrades like limit switches, etc. Thanks

Review this and see if that helps…


As a quick and easy solution, I’d try like this: set both squares to engraving. Engrave it on a scrap piece of either cardboard or waste wood board. (Don’t move the laser or waste board) Then place the object to align with the inner square. Then only set the outer square to output and change it to cut parameters. Then cut it.

That is a good answer. Thanks a lot, it worked

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