Set Origin works with frame but not with go to origin or start


I’m having issues with the start from origin function

When I set the origin where I want it and then frame it, it looks perfect. I can even move my laser to a far off position then hit frame and it goes back to that origin I set and does the frame great.

The issue is when I hit start, the machine quickly goes back to the “home” position not the origin

I’ve homed my machine at the start. Then restarted lightburn and it shows 0,0,0 for the home position (bottom left)

And it lets me set origins all over the board and it will frame that origin perfect but when I start the burn it will not go to that origin

Please help. I’ve already broke one laser Mount because I didn’t pause it in time when it did this and my laser hit a rail (I have it mounted to a xcarve so it hits the rail at the home position if z isnt all the way up)


Review this documentation and video on how the various start modes affect behavior:
Coordinates & Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

Does this correlate to how you are using Set Origin?

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