Set shape start point not working for fill

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to get a fill shape to start at a specific point and it doesn’t seem to want to work for for layer fill mode. It works great for line mode, but just not fill. I have attached a screen shot that might help illustrate my issue. Thanks in advance!

![Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 10.55.36 AM|690x396]

I am running LB 1.1.04 on Macintosh controlling a pen plotter using GRBL 0.9j


Scanning operations do not follow the same rules as line operations so wouldn’t be affected by set shape start point.

Is there something specific you’re trying to achieve?

yup there is: I am making drawing with colored pencils. I want to set the start location on a fill object bc the colored pencils make a darker mark at the start than at the end as the get dull the more lines into the fill. It is for aesthetics. does that make sense?

Is it that you want to control the side from which the fill occurs? If so, try changing the scan angle. 180 degrees will flip entirely the direction of the starting position. I assume you do not want bi-directional scanning in that case.

If you want ultimate control then you could try converting the fill to a series of lines. You could do this by manually creating the lines or you could select an object set to fill and then do Edit->Convert to cut (debug). This will render the laser path for the fill operation into the actual lines for those paths. Note that this will leave you with the original object stacked on top of the the converted cut object so remove the original. Then you will need to do Arrange-Break apart to separate all the lines. Then you could decide direction on a line by line basis.

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