Set Start Point on Geometry cut with "Cut Shapes"

I cannot seem to define a start point on geometry after it has been cut with the “Cut Shapes” command.

simple example:
I start with 2 overlapping squares, I use the “cut shapes” to clip off a corner of one of the squares, then I close the geometry with a line, and group everything together for a closed shape. When I select the geometry and click “set shape start point”, the arrow is not visible…

There are multiple things going on if I’ve understood your explanation correctly:

  1. Set shape start point will only work on a simple object. So no grouped objects. Ungroup to be able to do this.
  2. However, I think in this case you may not have a truly closed shape. Grouping won’t get you a closed shape. You’ll need to join the segments. See here for more info on this:
    Having trouble with closing shapes - #5 by berainlb
  3. A shortcut for what you’re trying to do: instead of using cut-shape, use another closed shape (e.g. rectangle) as a “cutting” tool, position it, select base object, add “cutting” shape to the selection, Tools->Boolean difference. This will automatically result in a simple closed shape.

Understood… :+1:

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