Settare camera spostata a sinistra di 3mm circa (Set chamber shifted to the left by about 3mm)

Buongiorno a tutti
Ho settato per tante volte la camera da 5mp 160° sul piano.
Tra il piano graduato e il pezzo reale, c’è una differenza di pochi millimetri, esiste un modo per essere il più preciso possibile?
Invio delle foto per spiegare meglio il mio problema.
Spero che qualcuno possa rispondere
Esiste una sorte di regolazione fina per poterlo allineare?

Good morning everyone
I have set the 5mp 160 ° room on the floor many times.
There is a difference of a few millimeters between the graduated surface and the real piece. Is there a way to be as precise as possible?
Sending photos to better explain my problem.
Hope someone can answer
Is there some sort of fine adjustment to be able to align it?

I would like more information. Would you mind terribly using Snip as a tool to capture the information from the computer monitor? I am unable to tell the edge from the shadow on your workpice in the picture taken of the screen. The digital tools provide considerably more precision and accuracy.

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