Setting a Radius on a corner in 9.24 crashes Lightburn on Linux

The title says it all. I went to change four square corners to radius and Lightburn disappeared. How about a BUG CATEGORY for reporting these problems.

Linux what? There’s only about a million versions of Linux.

Radius works fine for me in Linux Mint 20.1 (Ubuntu 20.4) with LB v0.9.24

And who exactly are you??

I’m a guy who has a successfully working system.
Sorry for trying to be helpful. I’ll step aside now.


I am not sure why there is resistance to providing answers to these very reasonable questions. You may not understand, but this is a community. Some are Staff, and some just friendly and helpful. All here to join-in on the Lasing Journey.

If you are willing, we are all here to assist. :slight_smile:

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Check to make sure your shape is a closed loop, not a group or collection of disconnected lines. We had a bug (now fixed) that would crash if you tried to apply a corner radius to the end of a straight line.

Hi Oz,
It began as a series of three lines, tha I grouped before attempting to turn the corners into a radius. When I selected the first corner it seemed to ignore the command. When I selected the second corner, it closed the app. The application exited because there was no ghost image left in running processes. I started it again without a problem. I reported it and have not tried it again.

Thank yuu,

I’ve been around a long, long time. First of all, when a program aborts without warning, it’s generally a memory problem. That comes from over 50 years of assembler, C, C++, and OS internals development. I was one of the people who worked on the MBR for the Radio Shack and IBM, am am well versed in all aspects of computer technologies, and a recognized expert in several other fields as well. I find forums filled with people who like listening to themselves talk, even if they have no knowledge. After 50 years in this business, I really don’t have time for people who have no answers but think someone should talk to them. I use many Linux distributions and a few that are completely custom that run all the programs I install, commercial, open source, custom developed, without incident, ever. So, sine GIMP 2.10, Inkscape 1.4, Libreoffice 7.1, GCC 11.0, and about 100 other programs runoff the shelf, which version of Linux is a moot point. I might add that the system has been running 9.24 since it was released without any issues.
So a better question would be “Is this a new install or has this version been running for a period of time?”, if it has been running for a period of time, how long? Which I answered before suggesting they be asked.
There is no resistance, just good reasoning, aka critical thinking as a developer in reporting the bug and expecting a question along the lines of what Oz asked.
Now let me ask you as question. If a piece of software has been working out of the box for a number of months, woud that not be as important as or more so than which version of Linux is being used. Maybe another good question would be how many other off the shelf programs are installed and for how long. And of course what version of Debian is running on the machine, which would also narrow down the issues. I thought I was doing a favor to report the issue. I happen to enjoy using Lightburn and really don’t want to write my own software, which I am fully capable of doing. I simply want it to work. You would be wise to learn from someone like me and respect someone that is much, much older than you.

Oliver H. Bailey

MBR as in Master Boot Record? I also worked 53+ years in the coding business ( IBM took up quite a few years of that) … plus 13 years retired coding… and there are a lot of other things that can cause trap outs other than memory issues, though that does rank high…

Hank was asking a relevant question - we’ve had issues with weird bugs on a few different Linux distros because of library incompatibilities. In this case, it wasn’t related, but it often is. Rick was gathering info for us - he’s not a dev, but he’s incredibly useful in pre-filtering much of the noise that comes in from people who generally don’t know how to ask for help. If you do, great - no need to rub his or anyone else’s nose in it. Your post overall comes across as incredibly arrogant and condescending.

As you stated already, your shape was not a closed loop - it was three disconnected lines that you grouped together, but didn’t actually connect into a continuous shape, which is why it crashed, and that case has already been found and fixed for the pending release.

If you arrange four sticks on the floor into a square with their ends touching, they look like a picture frame, but they’re still just four disconnected sticks - same thing applies here. Individual lines, grouped or not, do not make a continuous shape - for that you have to join them together, either using node editing or using the Tools > Auto Join command.

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Your right. So, can you intersect two lines and then trim them to make them a single line?

My only intention was to report the problem. As far as Linux is concerned, I can, and so can you, take any kernel source, configure it, compile it, and replace the running kernel with the new kernel without a crash and without shutting Linux down or rebooting it. Once again, I am, and can be a valuable resource. You may consider providing a direct email so I can report these to you, or you may choose not to… In either case, it would appear my information was useful enough to fix the problem.
Lightburn or do you want to wait for the next release? In either case, I would be happy to do beta testing, that is of course if you and your staff can get over my age and experience. That decision is yours! Thanks for addressing the issue promptly.

You’re welcome!

Can I download the fixed version of l
Oliver Bailey

Neither your age or experience I have any issue with. :slight_smile:

The problem was fixed a while ago, but we haven’t done a release containing it yet - I just recognized the symptoms. We’re working on getting the next release buttoned up - it’s basically going through final testing now.

Forums full of people that like listening to themselves talk. :thinking:

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I propose a new emoji. image

I started visiting the LB forums for some technical knowledge and process insights. I hate to admit it, I’ve stayed for the drama :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:.

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