Setting home on a machine that does not have limit switches

I have an XTool D1 10W (not pro, and no limit switches)

Using XCS, there are no issues but I want to use absolute coordinates and am trialing the Lightburn software.

For absolute coordinates, the videos say always start from “home” position but when I use that it runs into the side and back rails and messes up its own 0,0 position.

I found some articles about setting the home position while the machine is off, then turn on and check position for 0,0 but after that, hitting the home button goes up and back from that position crashes against the side and back rail.

I found an article about bumping the laser to a new position and the enter commands in the console to reset home/0,0 but after doing that and hitting the home button, it returns to crashing into the side and back rails.

So, nothing I have tried keeps the laser from crashing against the side and back rails when hitting the home button.

With no limit switches, is there a way to change what the machine thinks is the home position?

Follow these steps for manual homing:

  1. With machine off position laser head at extreme top-left of machine
  2. Turn on machine
  3. After that, never move the laser head by hand. Use jogging controls exclusively

You needn’t do anything else for this to work.

Thank you. But do t I need to go “home” each time to establish 0,0? It is not exact since it keeps running into the rails.

The only things that are necessary are the steps that I listed.

Are you saying that you’re continuing to run into the rails in spite of doing this? If so, that’s odd. Where are you running into the rails and under what circumstances? And please confirm you are not moving the laser head by hand.

Can you confirm whether or not you are youing the crosshairs on your machine?

Without limit switches, it will never be as exact as with limit switches. As PY described, set it manually to your desired home position and power the system up. This position is usually set to 0,0 then. The repeatability depends on how exact you can position the head manually at each start. So it will never be 100%.

In my opinion, it does not make sense to use absolute coordinates without limit switches. What’s your intention? You can perfectly work without switches using relative positioning. It’s usually all about the workflow…