Setting Issue in Lightburn

Hello all, Any advice would be great.
I have a Boss Laser and never had any issues with machine or Lightburn.
I have recently purchased an OMTech machine to help with the workload.
In lightburn when I try to burn an image that is only about 4"x6" on a piece of wood that is 12"x15" the laser travels the entire 12"x15" distance instead of just traveling the burn space area of the 4"x6" distance.
Making a 5-10 minute burn take about 45 minutes.
Obviously a setting is off somewhere that is telling the laser to travel the distance of the file size but can’t figure out what setting it is.
All the settings are the same as my Boss and don’t have this issue.
All the proper optimize seems to be enabled properly.

Can someone say what would be causing it the laser to travel in areas where there is no engraving required?
Thanks so much for any advice.

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