Setting Origin and Finish position difficulty? Windows 10 - 64

Good afternoon.

For some reason I can’t seem to get the Origin set in Lightburn 1.6.00?
I have tried it under Absolute Coords and User Origin it doesn’t seem to take?
I have started LB and homed the machine. Turned off LB and restarted and loaded the file.
What I am doing is burning Tiles. I want to set the origin to repeat from the same point on multiple files.
I then place the laser in the position I want to start from and press the Set Origin button. If I then go to the laser button the Origin coords are not showing.
If I press go to Origin, it takes the laser to bottom left corner of the CNC table.
My laser is attached to my Shapeoko Pro XXL.
It runs the tile, but I have to reset the starting position each tile.

Any thoughts?
Feeling helpless. :face_holding_back_tears:

This video should help you better understand start points. I would recommend setting up a jig for repeatability and using absolute coordinates. That way you place your artwork in a known position in lightburn and your tile in the corresponding position on your work bed.

Thank you. I’ll check this information out more tomorrow.

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