Setting start point of each object

Hello, is there a way to set where a cut starts?
with the start at corner option it doesn’t always go where I need it and can also start on rounded parts of an object where moving it a part that you know is hidden in the final use case.
automatically all objects would show the start point but you could change it

It could be a tool you click and define the start on each object

Hi Rick, oh wow that seems to be what I’m after, I tried searching things but nothing came up in the docs or the forum about this tool.
I’ve tried using it but it doesn’t seem to work that well, I’m brining in an SVG file and parts that are more than one line need to be ungrouped but then they can’t have their start point changed
the arrow shows up in one place and can’t be moved where as other shapes in the same file that were only a single shape to start with do work

any ideas why this is happening?

You might need to un-group more than one level deep. For stuff like this, a screen shot goes a long way - show what you’re trying to do. It’s really hard to get much from your description.

Its ungrouped all the way down, It does show the arrow but only in one place

Post the LightBurn file and we can take a look. Are you sure the object is fully ungrouped?

“Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”
I can upload a png but not a lightburn file

let me see if i can host it somewhere

I have updated your status so you should be able to post now.

Thank you, I did try and find somewhere but no hosting site seems to take lightburn files
smile.lbrn (34.0 KB)

I made this file just as an example, if you try and set a start point for the head, mouth or one of the eyes it won’t let you
only the left (as we’re looking at it) eye seems to work?

This was an svg file and ive already ungrouped it

It’s because the shapes aren’t closed. You can’t change the start point of a shape that is an open-ended path. Close the shapes first, then it will work.

ooooh! I wonder why they are bening made open.
I’m not doing anything different from one part to another, how strage.
It won’t be lighburn doing this, It’ll be adobe.
I’ll look into it. Thank you!

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