Setting suooort

Hi, I struggle with images to wood or glass. I’ve tried several settings and nothing is working.

Any suggestions i have a picture of a pond with a building i want to etch in glass and struggling with it.

First, I’m assuming you have a CO2 machine. If you’re using a diode, you won’t be able to engrave glass. 2nd, the CO2 laser causes small surface fractures in the glass, so it doesn’t “shade” in the same way as other materials, and the dots end up being larger - you’ll need to use a lower DPI than you would use for most other material, and you’ll need to set the image to be a negative. Engraving on glass produces lighter spots where the beam hits, not darker, so toggle the “Negative Image” button at the top of the image settings in LightBurn.

Chris Locascio from House of Lasers on Facebook posted a recent video about engraving on glass that might be helpful as well.