Setting Travel limits

Hi, How do I set the travel limit on the X axis when using a Ortur Rotary Roller. As soon as I attempt to frame text the module moves the the end of the X axis and beyond if it were possible. It make a hell of a racket where the stepper motor keeps turning until it eventual stops.
My engraver is a Ortur master 1….
I have tried altering all the roller settings in Lightburn to no avail.
Any ideas guys?

Thanks, JohnW

Does it home when using the rotary? If not, you’ll likely not have the ability to use absolute positions, and will have to use ‘Current Position’ mode instead.

Hi Oz,

The Y axis appears to home on startup or at least the rollers rotate, the X axis does not move until you frame and then it wants to fly off the rail!, also I must admit I am not terribly knowledgeable as far as absolute and current position modes are concerned, can you please advise?.


I would just jog the laser to the starting point, and set it to use ‘Current Position’ mode. Read here about how it works:

Oz, I forgot to mention that when I use the the “set laser on page button” I get the same problem, the X axis doesn’t know when to stop. Surely this is not right!

As you say, perhaps the only way is to jog to the start point.

King regards,

If you turn on ‘Show last position’ in the Laser window, then click ‘Get Position’ in the Move window, where does it think the laser is?

Hi Oz, Thanks for comming back to me, please see attached.


It thinks it is in negative coordinates, which would be way outside the bounds of the machine. Go to the console and type $# and hit enter. What does the controller say back? If the first line (G54) has values other than zero in it, you have a workspace offset applied, and that would be a problem.

You haven’t said how the rotary is connected - if it takes over one of the machine axis, it probably means the machine couldn’t properly home, which in turn would prevent using absolute coordinates or user origin - you’d have to use Current Position mode anyway if this is the case.

Hi Oz,
Please see attached, the values are all zero. The rotary roller is conected to the engraver by removing the y axis stepper motor cable and connecting it to the roller (please see attached)
Given what you have said, I looks like using the Current Position is the only way forward.

Thank you.

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