Setting up an Eleksmaker to run via lightburn

IS there somewhere, this forum or another, where I can find out how to set up one of these diode lasers to run via lightburn.
I do not have one at the moment. I normally use a 50 watt CO2 but I have been doing a lot of the white tile stuff and have some local vendors who want more. But I do not want to tie up my main laser all day with slow slow jobs. So I figured maybe I would get one or two diode lasers and run the jobs and those verses getting another 40 watt CO2.
However I have tried to find information on setting up the controllers to run LB and it is sort of hit or miss on information. Possibly on another forum…or here.
Just curious before buying one I would like to have an idea of what needs to be done to get it to run properly…since it does not seem to be nearly as staright up as a Ruida controller…plug and play thoseRuidas are.

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Thank you so much. I knew it must be here somewhere but my search came up missing…I searched Eleksmaker…did not know to search using the grbl type controller.