Setting up for TwoTrees

I purchased but have not yet received a TT-5.5 Laser Engraver.
The specifications list Windows only, but also say that LightBurn is a supported software.

My only available computer is an old Mac Mini, which I am on now.

I installed LightBurn successfully, but Two Trees is not an option to select from the Device List.

How do I use Light Burn with my Two Trees hardware from a Mac?


Start here, Home - LightBurn Software Documentation. You have a Grbl based device. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply!
I borrowed a Windows laptop and Lightburn worked seamlessly, but now back on my old Mac I am having the same issues.

Does not connect automatically, and manually setting up the laser does not yield any results either.
Tells me “Port failed to open - already in use?”

Any other ideas on this?

Just updated to the latest software and still same issue.

In the Laser window in LightBurn, What options are available when you click the middle button in the bottom row? Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding which communication port was assigned.

Open the Console window. You should see a welcome or wake-up message from the engraver once the communication is established for your Mac Mini.

If it helps, I’m hitting the same issue. There doesn’t seem to be a usbmodem or usbserial port established, but the Mac does see the USB connection in System Profiler:

USB Serial:
  Product ID:	0x7523
  Vendor ID:	0x1a86
  Version:	81.31
  Speed:	Up to 12 Mb/s
  Location ID:	0x00100000 / 1
  Current Available (mA):	500
  Current Required (mA):	98
  Extra Operating Current (mA):	0

I think it may be the usb/serial chipset the TwoTrees laser boards use. It seems to be a common chip for arduino style dev boards. Digging into the usb vendor ID yields this thread:
Mac OS, Linux driver for CH340K · Issue #3 · LilyGO/LILYGO-T-OI · GitHub and this potential driver for the CH*** series usb serial chipsets: GitHub - WCHSoftGroup/ch34xser_macos: MacOS USB driver for USB to serial chip ch340, ch341, ch342, ch343, ch344, ch9101, ch9102, ch9103, etc

But… I must admit as I use this Mac for my business I’m not keen on being the test subject for taking a chance on a random driver :joy:

I’m pretty sure I’ve coached the C340 driver install at least a dozen times by now… It feels like about 50 times though. :slight_smile:

For the driver, I send folks to this Instructables link (step 5). I like the ample leading and trailing context including chip identification if you want to pry into it and understand more.

If you can expose and see the control board you may see the chip responsible for USB communication and make a very informed decision about the driver.