Setting up laser position

Hi all, I have been exiled in Uk for 6 months and have just got back to France and my laser engraver.
I cannot get the laser to position correctly.
For example, I have set it to centre of image which is in the centre of the cutting area, but it is at a random position of left of centre.
I have inputted the working ares in mm and have tried every combination of setting I can find - I am going slowly mad!!
I am working on a MacBook Pro running Catalina, with a 680 X 590 laser cutter with a nano controller, which only connects using GRBL-M3
any help would be greatly appreciated.

To confirm, you’re running a Nano controller? If so, I don’t think that controller is supported.

It moves and engraves - just not where it is supposed to.
Also seems that manual laser moves are backwards and upside down - I have tried mouse invert but that doesn’t work either???

I think he has an Arduino nano running GRBL, not an M2 nano board like in a K40.

Hi all,
here is the controller and engraver

Photo of engraver

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