Setting up LB with out connecting to Fiber

HI all , I have had lightburn for ages on my CO2 machine and I sit away from the cutter (not connected) and then take them to the machine and cut them out. basically two seperate PC`s.
I am now the proud owner of a Fiber, I have it all set up on my computer connected to the fiber and all is good,
but I want to design things on a computer that is not connected the the laser,
And this is where the issue is it refuses to allow me to add the fiber as a device …
I have tried to import from the other pc but it refuses to install them.
So basically I am unable to design on a seperate PC!
Any ideas

In what way does it refuse?

Are you using the same license on both computers? Check that you’re licensed for galvo in Help->License Management on the computer that you’re having the issue on.

Thank you for the response, I was using trial version on FIbre and when I put same licence key in it wanted money. bought Galvo licence and all is good…works on both PC now…

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