Setting up Lightburn on an Origin OL-6040

I’m wanting to use our Lightburn on our old Origin OL-6040 but the laser is not recognised by Lightburn (the manual option does not have the Origin listed either!). Anyone know how we can rectify this issue?

Thanks Craig

This is going to come down to whether or not the machine has a supported controller.

Do you know what type of controller is in the machine? Or what software does it use now?

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We were using a software program called “LaserKerf 53_6040” but the hard drive on the computer died and we cannot extract the program.

I’m not familiar with that software and doesn’t match any of the native software for the most common DSPs. Are you able to take a picture of the Controller and Panel Display?

That’s a Leetro controller and not currently supported by LightBurn which explains why you’re unable to connect.

I believe Lasercut is the native software used for that. From what I understand you need a USB dongle to use the software and that it may be tied directly to your controller. Not sure how that Laserkerf solution worked.

You may want to reach out to the manufacturer for support in recovering the software.

Alternatively, do a controller swap and run LightBurn. You can see a list of the supported controllers listed here:
LightBurn Software - DSP License Key

The Ruida controllers are still the best supported, however. So keep that in mind.

Thanks for your assistance and advice! Lucky we have our new laser that is working!

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