Setting up my Endurance 10w

Hi all…

I’m currently running an Open Builds Lead 1010 1000x 1000. I recently upgraded from a Jtech 7w to an Endurance 10w

I had the Jtech pretty dialed in however I just received my 10w and trying to get everything dialed in.

So I want to make sure I choose the right laser when setting up but not sure which one to use since Endurance isn’t on the list. I figured out how to get my " fire laser " option back and will be doing that shortly but a few things i’m curious about. I have 2 switches on my laser box and one of them is to turn the laser on and the other is to switch modes from TTL & Arduino. Not sure if I can keep the laser switch off & have it automatically come on when it’s time to do it’s job. ( class 4 laser ) don’t want to burn my eyeballs out of my skull :wink:

LightBurn doesn’t care what diode you have, because the software doesn’t talk directly to it. LightBurn talks to the controller, which in turn runs the laser, so you need to know what firmware your controller uses (likely GRBL).

Controller as in my xPro that runs the axis’s ? If so it’s grbl The laser utilizes the same hook up now that the jtech uses. Which is ported via usb to my computer. I will find out what board is inside of the white box. I know there is an Arduino board In the control box.

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