Setting up my GeekCreit Sculpfun S9 for first time on Mac

Hi I need to set up my GeekCreit Sculpfun S9 for first time on Mac running Monterey with the LB version 1.4.01. I have not been able to do my first cut yet. When I’ve attempt to so far the machine is moving with the blue light on but nothing ever cuts into the 6mm eva foam I have setup. I’ve check all settings and can’t seem to figure out why the software and printer are not talking to each other well. Please help.

White materials tend to reflect blue light so it’s a contributing factor but you should be able to mark or cut it.

What Speed and percent power are you assigning to the cut in the Cuts / Layers window? This is the most likely culprit.

The most common stumbling block is attempting to engrave in mm / second instead of mm / minute which makes ‘the speed’ 60 times faster than expected.

The setting to change the units is under Edit (in the top row) then Settings. Click OK after making the change.

I suggest looking here first:

and then here:

Both articles will give you a feeling on how to use your Sculpfun :slight_smile:

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