Setting up Neje Master with MacBook Pro

I have a Neje Master 2 with a 20W head connected to my MacBook Pro via the USB-C >> USB adaptor. Can get it working fine using the standard Neje SW package but Lightburn does not see it / cannot connect.

Any advice appreciated

Update: Got the correct SW drivers for Lightburn thanks to the NorthLakesWoodWork tutorial - but in the control console I get stalled at “Port opened, waiting for response”. Have tried the good old power-on reset of everything but so far no luck…

Do you know if it’s using their weird custom firmware, or GRBL? If it’s not GRBL, it won’t likely connect. It might also be using a different baud rate than our default (115200) so it’s worth checking that too.

Thanks for the response…

Ok - I made a mistake with the initial question - it’s NOT the #2 - just the plain “master”. So, not being an expert in this - yet - how do I figure out what version of GRBL it’s using?

If it’s a Neje master, chances are good that it’s not GRBL at all, but BenBox or something else. All the firmware for the original Neje is botched in some way. They have a version 1.1f, but they disabled laser mode and homing, which are really the two best reasons to use it. It’s baffling as to why they would do this, but they did. The new Neje 2 I think does not have these limitations.

Hello Oz

OK - do you know if anyone has managed to get a Neje Master running on Lightburn - or better yet is there a way to hack the firmware to make it compatible with GRBL 1.1f? I’ve not been able to find a solution yet…


It’s possible to load their broken GRBL firmware in, and that kind of works, but the engraving quality isn’t good. If it’s possible I’d just return the machine and get an Ortur or a V2.

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