Setting up Rotary with orion 50 watt (k40) basically

I have been reading forums, watching youtube for this rotary and light burn. It;s the stock rotary that came with machine(rollers) I am trying to set up the steps per rotation. So how many steps or what are steps? So I put the cup in I want to engrave and rotate it one full rotation- but what number do I put in? And in regards to the roller diameter, does this mean the actual rollers of the rotary? Then the object diameter, measure across 3.5 inches will auto update the circumference from my under standing.


also while testing- I’ve notice if I enable rotary, it makes everything small and smashed together. If i leave it off it rotates the cup and the image or lettering appear to stay normal.

Here are a couple numbers that you can try as these work for my hot dog style rotary:
Steps: 8000
Roller Diameter: 25mm - or actual roller size
Add either your objects diameter or circumference
This will get you started, you will have to add or delete steps to dial it in. There are lot’s of examples and topics on this subject.
Good Luck

Thank you so much- maybe my steps being so low is what is messing me up

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