Setting "Z" Axis Starting Height

In the home position or at the beginning of every job I need the Z axis to go to a height of 10mm to clear the job and clips, move across at that height and then go down to the zero height and begin the cut.
How do I set this in LightBurn?

At present there is no way to specify this in LightBurn.

What kind of machine do you have? When you say “clips” it implies a CNC machine with workspace clamps, but these aren’t normally necessary for laser work, as the laser does not make contact with, or exert any force on the work piece, so your question is not a common one.

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I’m using the Creality CR-10s400. 3D printer with Laser, Mill and Plotter pen attachments. (I made)
The clips are to hold the glass on the bed.
The jobs are CNC milling Vinyl records with 2mm single flute mill end.
I have worked out the Z axis lift for the uncut areas, that was easier than I thought.
I have now just worked out a work around for the Z axis height at starting point, I just edited the gcode and added G1 Z10 to the beginning or use the Macro feature and do it manually.

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