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Hi there,
I have a APLazer 2816 with Ruida controler. The beam is not working on the machine (Y axes), and tech support said that seems Lightburn changes secretly machines settings… Is there a way to fix that ?

Other question : How can we open files in .LBN with RDworks ?
thanks for help

That’s a pretty heavy accusation, if you ask me. LightBurn will NEVER change any machine settings unless you explicitly tell it to, namely when you are editing the Machine Settings through LightBurn and press the Write button.

The beam does not turn on? When doing what? Could you clarify and provide more information?

RDWorks does not open LightBurn files.

I would absolutely never do that. The only places LightBurn will change settings are when you use the Edit > Machine Settings window, as Ray mentions, or the Tools > Rotary Setup, and that changes exactly two settings and no others. If AP Lazer wants to throw wild guesses into the air about things that I would consider a massive breach of customer trust then I need to have a chat with them. Which tech said this please?

The laser beam is not axis specific, so the beam not working on the Y axis doesn’t make sense - can you elaborate on what you mean?

To move data from LightBurn to RDWorks you can export as AI or DXF. There is no way to directly load a LightBurn file into RDWorks.

My be I misunderstood. APLazer recommand Lightburn when purchasing a machine, so you probably need to keep calm and breathe as I feel you a bit agressive. I just asked to know if there is a way to fix that…that it !!

Sorry, that’s just something that I take really seriously - LightBurn never changes any machine settings unless directed by the user.

Back to your problem of the beam not working, can you describe what you mean?

  • Is it just never firing at all, or not firing at certain times?

  • Have you set Min Power at all, or only Max Power in your cut setting?

  • Have you checked in the machine settings to make sure the tube is enabled? It would be at the bottom under the Vendor Settings section - Go to Edit > Machine Settings and scroll down. As long as you don’t change anything or click the ‘Write’ button this is safe to do.

It’s shown here as 'Laser 1 Enabled":

I will check all that settings… Many thanks for your help. And be sure that all APLazer users and sellers are supporting strongly LB…just some issue to fix :smile: :smile: :smile:

Taking software out of the equation, what happens if you simply press the pulse button on the HMI? And via the HMI, be sure you set your min and max power to at least 15%.

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