"settings could not be read from controller"

I havent used rotary in a couple weeks. Setting it up now and it is saying “settings could not be read from controller”. I do not have a cable plugged into the laser but instead using a USB. Anyone know why I might be getting the error and how to move past it?

Can you elaborate on what kind of laser and controller you have?
I am not familiar with a brand called “the laser”.

I have a Thunder Laser machine and I think Ruida. Everything has worked fine in the past but I just tried to do a quick mug and was getting this error. Thanks

Try just restarting the software with the laser still powered on. Sometimes the hardware is fussy, and can take a moment to start communicating. Resetting the connection usually fixes it.

Im pretty sure that I did that. The thing that gets me also is that when I go in to set up for rotary the input does not stay and then I get that error after it attempts to process my request. I have used the rotary in the past and the only difference that I can think of is that now I am trying to process and then save to USB thumb drive. Regular files are fine just trying to set the rotary for circumference and it just doesn’t take it.

Are you connected to the laser? You have to be - the rotary settings are stored in the controller, not the file.

I determined two things. First my cable was not connected which I mentioned but ALSO I determined via troubleshooting that my connected cable had gone bad. Connected a new printer cable and just saved and ran a file. Thanks for the help.