Settings for Movement Speed at Start and End of Job

Can anyone tell me what setting controls the movement speed at the start of the job and the end of the job? I am using a rotary and the start and end speeds are too fast. The engraving speed is fine. Thank you for your help.

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$110 and $111 are your max travel speeds. These are the default speeds for Traverse or travel motions at the beginning and end of the job.

The accelerations can also generate speed-like symptoms.
They are $120 and $121.

You may want to write down your current settings or save them in a text file before tinkering for future reference.

You can enter the revised speeds and accelerations in the Console window as
or whatever speed you like. Units are in mm/minute at the firmware level.

Let us know which rotary you’re using, what you’re engraving and what works best for you. Lots of folks would benefit from this experience.

More about GRBL settings can be found here:

Thanks John! In retrospect that makes perfect sense. I tried just about every other setting and my $110 and $111 are about 24000. I am using an Atezr P20 with an Atomstack rotary engraving white Polar Camel mugs. The rotational inertial created during the initial movement was cause the mug to spin too much. I am getting good burn results at 3600 mm/min 40 power and 400 lpi.