Settings for purchased files

Sorry to bother everyone. I am new to the laser machine and Light burn. I have purchased some files from a company online, but the fill and line settings seem strange. They mostly have fill at 5/80 and line at 100/20. This is to cut out 3mm Ply with an 80 watt laser. Can anyone give me some pointers please?

Because of the variability of wood with origin, batch, humidity and workshop temperature you may find that a material test is the best starting point.

If you’re looking at Fill, setting the bi-directional scanning and the scanning offset so it’s perfect is important.

Thank you John,
I was going to run tests first, it is just that the settings seem incorrect and I don’t want to waste material. It seems that everything I have purchased from this particular site, has strange settings for fill and line. The line settings seem like they are too fast, with not enough power. I wondered if it was normal to have these issues with purchased files, or if it was just me worrying too much.